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Has Microsoft Missed the Tablet Boat?

A report from Forrester indicates consumer interest in Windows-based tablets has plummeted over the last few months. It’s true that Microsoft’s activities in the tablet market have been minimal so far. However, consumers may be uninterested in Windows tablets simply because there’s so little to see at present, a predicament […]

Nightlight IR Detector Hack

Nightlight IR Detector Hack This hack is so simple that, if there were a Book of Hacks, this one would be found at the top of the first page of Chapter 1, Volume 1. Infrared (IR) is electromagnetic radiation with a frequency lower than red light (infra means below) and […]

What Linux noobs Need to Know

Linux is like that classic muscle car, in that if you are willing to put in the hours and don’t mind spending your weekends under the hood, you’ll have yourself a sweet ride at the end of the day and the knowledge you built and tweaked it with your own […]