Free Virtual Router software
Free Virtual Router software

MaryFi free software router to share wireless

MaryFi free software router to share wireless

When you order service from an Internet Service Provider, or ISP, they will typically install a device in your home, often called a modem or residential gateway, that provides the Internet connection. Some of these devices simply have one Ethernet port, or RJ-45 port, that provides Internet service, while others may have a built-in wired or wireless router providing multiple connections. If you have only a single connection, adding a router between your computer and the modem or gateway can offer several advantages.

Many modems or gateways do not provide wireless Internet connections, even if they have a router built it, but now there are other important moves with technology such as the Ethernet broadband uk which provides the most for businesses and home working. To provide wireless access for laptops and other devices, you will need to connect a wireless router, which often includes Ethernet ports, or a wireless access point, which simply provides a wireless connection. Regardless of which type you choose to add, the device will need to be configured correctly before it is used. This can be done by following the instructions in the owner’s manual to access the browser-based configuration tool or standalone configuration software. Here you will be able to configure the private IP address of the device, the name of the wireless network (SSID) and whether the network will use encryption. By encrypting the network with WPA2, the strongest, WPA or WEP, you prevent outsiders from being able to access data on your private network and you can restrict Internet access only to authorized devices.

Most routers include a built-in software firewall. When configured properly, this prevents outsiders from accessing your network to steal information or install malicious software and it can prevent malicious software from being installed on your devices while accessing the Internet. In many cases, the firewall can also be used to block access to sites that you may deem harmful or inappropriate for your family.




Maryfi is a free and easy. Users can wirelessly share any Internet connection: a cable modem, a cellular card, or even another Wi-Fi network.


Maryfi是一个自由和易于. 用户可以通过无线分享任何互联网连接:电缆调制解调器,蜂窝卡,甚至另一个Wi-Fi网络。


Maryfi è gratis e facile da usare come software per trasformare un computer con Windows 7 in un router. Gli utenti che usano Maryfi possono facilmente condividere qualsiasi tipo di connessione: cavo del modem, scheda telefonica o un altra rete wifi.

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