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A list of cryptocurrencies crypto currency قائمة بأشهر العملات الرقمية المتداولة في العالم و أكثرها موثوقية و أماناً

A list of cryptocurrencies crypto currency

قائمة بأشهر العملات الرقمية المتداولة في العالم و أكثرها موثوقية و أماناً

شرح بسيط لكل نوع من هذه العملات الرقمية

و تستطيع ببساطة البحث عبر الإنترنت عن كل واحدة منها

من أجل المزيد من المعلومات و رؤية آراء المستخدمين حولها

Cryptocurrencies feature decentralized control and
a public ledger which records transactions and
are designed to gradually decrease production of currency
must have at one point had significant notoriety
must have been an infamous fraud
must have a market cap of one million US dollars
must be the first to introduce an innovative protocol

you can use Cryptocurrencies for paying bills

buying online goods and services

some people use this new currency for gambling

هذه العملات الرقمية غزت العالم و أصبحت هي المفضلة لدى الزبائن

و ذلك لإنخفاض تكاليف التحويل و الأمان التام و الثقة التي حازت عليها

تستخدم بشكل أساسي لدفع الفواتير و المشتريات عبر الشبكة

و إن كان البعض يستخدمها لأغراض المقامرة و الميسر و خلافه

BTC Bitcoin

an innovative payment network and a new kind of money

LTC Litecoin

a peer-to-peer Internet currency that enables instant
near-zero cost payments to anyone in the world

BC BlackCoin

an effective platform to send, hold, and receive payments


an anonymous, secure, instant digital currency. You’ll be able to send
money instantly to anywhere in the world

CGB CryptogenicBullion

a second generation crypto-currency Bitcoin kaufen designed to emulate the
properties and supply money instantly to anywhere in the world

CLOAK CloakCoin

Anonymous Currency with Encrypted Services

DGC DigitalCoin

a decentralized peer-to-peer cryptographic currency
that is not controlled by any central authority

DOGE Dogecoin

a cryptocurrency featuring open source peer-to-peer
digital currency, favored by Shiba Inus worldwide

DRK DarkCoin

an open sourced, privacy-centric digital currency
that is not controlled by any central authority

DVC Devcoin

an ethically inspired cryptocurrency
for all sorts of goods and services

EAC Earthcoin

revolutionizes the way we make day to day transactions

FLT FlutterCoin

Scrypt based cryptocoin with variable coins
per block and unlimited total coins

FTC Feathercoin

using peer-to-peer technology. Payments are
borderless and can be processed by anyone

GLD Goldcoin

The Gold Standard of Digital Currency


aims to build a network of users, create an apps for goods and services
facilitate a decentralize monetary environment for all


a digital currency specifically catered to the needs of online gaming

KTK KryptKoin

distributed equally to people who qualified for a stake

MAX Maxcoin

MaxCoin is the new crypto currency of Max Keise

MEC Megacoin

for Everyone, The Peoples Currency. Fair Rapid Growth with a Stable Future

MINT MintCoin

a community owned and operated pure PoS coin

MMC MemoryCoin

a cryptocurrency and a decentralized autonomous community
which can be used as an alternative online payment method

MNE Munne

an alternative to become the number one digital currency

MYR MyriadCoin

A coin for everyone

MZC MazaCoin

the Official National Currency of the Traditional Lakota Nation

NET Netcoin

a fork of Litecoin

NMC Namecoin

a cryptocurrency and the first fork of the Bitcoin

NOBL NobleCoin

a new generation of scrypt coin

NVC Novacoin

a virtual currency


an open source cryptocurrency and payment network

OMC OmniCoin

a bells fork created by DogeCoin’s developer

PND PandaCoin

Cryptocurrency for the masses

POT PotCoin

a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency which exists with the aim of becoming
the standard form of payment for the legalized cannabis industry

PPC Peercoin

the most secure cryptocoin at the lowest cost

QRK Quark

one of the most secure currencies

SLG Sterlingcoin

the first X13 coin to launch

SPT Spots

popular cryptocurrency. offers enhanced functionality


a digital currency that rewards you for supporting change

TIT TitCoin

digital currency cryptocurrency uses a peer-to-peer network
to securely process and validate transactions

UNO Unobtanium

a popular cryptocurency, designed to be fast, secure and rare

UTC Ultracoin

a hybrid proof of work – proof of stake coin

VIA Viacoin

fast flexible currency

VRC VeriCoin

a Proof of Stake cryptocurrency

VTC Vertcoin

a cryptographic currency, similar to Bitcoin and Litecoin

WDC Worldcoin

Global Digital Currency

XPM PrimeCoin

an innovative cryptocurrency

XST StealthCoin

primary private currency

ZEIT ZeitCoin

a global association of people who are fighting for sustainable resources on planet

في أمان الله !

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