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Free Virtual Router software

برنامج المسح ChronoScan Capture للسكانر بأحدث نسخة

برنامج المسح ChronoScan Capture للسكانر بأحدث نسخة

برنامج غني عن التعريف للسكانر
المسح و التصدير مباشرة بلواحق عديدة
قوي و ثابت

Advance Scanning Software Tool


A document scan suite with OCR features.
ChronoScan Capture is a useful
tool for the users who want to scan
multiple documents and organize them.
The program can import new documents
by using TWAIN compatible devices
or by opening images or PDF files.

You can use this tool for configuring
multiple jobs and running
the operation on the folders that
include your scanned documents archive.

Note: The application is free
to use for non-commercial
purposes. If you want to remove the
nag screen and use the program in your
company you need to purchase a license.

100 MB…oScanSetup.exe


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