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ELECTRIC BOILERS Work Operation and Maintenance



الحمد لله والصلاة والسلام على رسول الله وعلى آله وصحبه أجمعين

ELECTRIC BOILERS Work Operation and Maintenance


Daily Routine Work

1. Check desired pressure, temperature and current in boiler system as per log sheet
2. Check all valves for free travel and packing leak
3. Check conductivity of treated water
4. Check shield condition

Weekly Routine work

1. Clean all strainers in the system
2. Purge air
3. Check low water cut-off probe operation
4. Check high temperature cutout

2W Routine Work

1. Check stop controller

Monthly Routine Work

1. Switch-off the power supply of the electric boiler
2. Check electrical connections for tightness
3. Inspect all relay contacts and functioning
4. Drain enough water from the boiler and expansion tank to clear accumulated sludge, refill with treated water

3M Routine Work

1. Check automatic safety control, interlocking
2. Check electrode / elements functioning and heating
3. Clean contactors and tight power leads

6M Routine Work

1. Check pressure relief valve
2. Consult Lloyd’s for inspection and reporting, repairing the defects

Annual Routine Work

1. Check and clean / electrodes / elements
2. Check electrode insulator / element insulation
3. Check accuracy of pressure and temperature gauges
4. Check mechanical condition of shield operating equipment
5. Re-adjust the 3-way valve operation

Note: The work should also include any other routines recommended by manufacturer

في أمان الله


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