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Chillers Annual Routine work Operation and Maintenance



الحمد لله والصلاة والسلام على رسول الله وعلى آله وصحبه أجمعين

Chillers Annual Routine work Operation and Maintenance


Check and Record

1. Change oil filter, refrigerant dryer filter element, oil cooler filter element

2. Change of oil in the gearboxes if applicable

3. Change compressor oil
4. Remove end covers from evaporators and condensers, wire
bruch and/or chemically clean all scales from tubes. Clean
and scrape end covers and doors, paint with suitable anti corrosive paint

5. Renew zinc anodes as required if applicable

6. Renew gaskets, re-assemble, check and make leak test

7. Inspect, test, calibrate & repair or replace as necessary
all main and off-season plant controls, cut-outs, safety devices
pneumatic control system, pressure, temperature and level indicating
and recording instruments, voltage, current indicating instruments

8. Inspect, test and repair or replace as necessary
all electrical Motors, starters, overloads etc

9. Check and tighten or replace if necessary any vibration isolators

10. Clean and paint all equipment

11. Leak test of chiller

12. Check Pump down Unit

13. Clean: float chamber, orifice and strainer

14. Inspection by manufacturer’s representatives

Major overhauls to be carried out to Main and off-season air
conditioning plants and ancillary equipment seasonally. Main
overhauls of main plants shall normally take place during the
winter months and off-season plants during the summer months

Rebuilding of the rotating elements can only be carried out by
the Manufacturer or any other party authorized from the manufacturer

في أمان الله


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