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Water Treatment Units Work Operation and Maintenance

Discussion in 'المنتدى التعليمي' started by mannan, 13/2/17.

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    الحمد لله والصلاة والسلام على رسول الله وعلى آله وصحبه أجمعين

    Water Treatment Units Work Operation and Maintenance


    EQUIPMENT: Water Treatment Units

    Daily Routine work

    1. Check and record: Reading in the instruments
    2. Check chemical levels in drum

    Weekly Routine work

    1. Strainer cleaning
    2. Re-adjust metering pumps and bleeding system according to the requirements of laboratory

    Monthly Routine work

    1. Dosing pumps “Metering Pumps”: Cleaning the heads, suction and injection parts
    2. Conductivity cell cleaning
    3. Re-calibrate the Measuring Instruments by using the testing Kit for measuring the treated water

    Annually Routine Work

    1. Clean and paint
    2. Dis-assemble pumps and repair or replace if necessary
    3. Calibrate and repair the measuring instruments

    Note: The work should also include any other routines recommended by manufacturer

    في أمان الله



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