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Best online storage Drive Sites Cloud hosting for files أفضل مواقع حفظ الملفات المجانية free

Discussion in 'Useful Sites' started by mannan, 25/2/15.

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    Best online storage Drive Sites Cloud hosting for files

    أفضل مواقع حوسبة و تخزين سحابي مجانية لملفاتك

    أفضل مواقع حفظ الملفات المجانية free نقدم لكم و حصرياً على مستوى كافة المنتديات




    Start inviting friends

    2 GB per friend 500 GB upper limit

    Free account 100 GB

    One backed up device

    No charge - ever

    Download Degoo for OS X


    Download Degoo for Windows


    Microsoft CLOUD storage OneDrive formerly SkyDrive


    You can store any kind of file photos, video, and documents

    15 GB free




    Get up to 16 GB of free space by inviting your friends to Dropbox


    Google online storage


    Store any file
    Drive starts you with 15 GB of free Google online storage,
    so you can keep photos, stories, designs,
    drawings, recordings, videos – anything.
    Install Drive on your smartphone, tablet and computer
    for free cloud storage that lets you keep your files
    safe and easy to reach from anywhere.




    About Cloudsfer & Key Features

    Cloudsfer is a cloud data migration system that enables you to transfer your personal content and files
    between such cloud storage providers and accounts as DropBox, GDrive, Box, OneDrive, Facebook,
    Instagram and so on.
    Cloudsfer gives you the flexibility to manage your cloud data, without ever having to pay for extra space.
    Offering an optimal solution for seamless data transfer and back-up, Cloudsfer migrates data between
    cloud services, meaning that you no longer need to worry about your DropBox space dwindling, or
    having to back up your Facebook, Instagram or iCloud. Even if you have hundreds or even thousands
    of files to move, Cloudfer allows you to easily migrate your content between all cloud-based and on-
    premises platforms.
    Finally, you are in full control of your content.
    For every friend who joins Cloudsfer using your referral Url, we'll give you 2.00 GB




    Account type: Personal
    Storage : 10.0GB
    Bandwidth 10.0GB
    Max file size: 250 MB — Upload files up to 5GB




    Your files everywhere!
    Your private cloud storage for the most important things in your life.

    Basic Plan Up to 20 GB FREE forever
    pCloud. Please, use the following link to create account and get 10GB free cloud




    Earn Free Storage

    Invite your friends to SurDoc
    10GB each

    about SurDoc, this great, free cloud service that lets me back up,
    view, edit, sign and share all my documents on any computer or
    mobile device without having to install any apps, plugins or software.

    Get a SurDoc account with 100GB of free cloud storage for 1 year.
    If you sign up with SurDoc within 1 week, you can get 10GB of
    additional free storage! That’s 110GB of free storage for 1 year.

    All you need to do is click the below link and you’re on your way!
    As soon as you have your SurDoc account, you may also
    earn more free storage by inviting your friends.


    Bitrix 24


    Free Document Sharing
    and Online Storage in Bitrix 24
    Bitrix24 comes with free document sharing, online document storage,
    document management, and online multiuser document editing.
    It has been specifically created for small teams and organizations
    and can be used for something as simple as sharing files
    with a person outside your company or as complex as setting
    up multistep document approval workflows.
    Here’s what you get with the free Bitrix24 plan.


    في أمان الله !



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